Dream Dinners: Charhouse Chicken Sandwich on a Pretzel Bun with Parmesan Garlic Steak Fries

Thursday was another Dream Dinners night.  I'm really enjoying the meals and trying them makes it so much easier to offer suggestions and opinions to customers.  We were really excited to try the Charhouse Chicken Sandwiches.  I had a recommendation from another girl at work to try the Parmesan Garlic Steak Fries, too, so I added those as a side.  I started with the fries because they were going to take longer to cook.  I preheated the oven to 475 and prepared a pan for the fries.  I sprayed the pan, added fries, and sprayed the fries.  I put them in for 10 minutes and then flipped them.  I cooked them another 12 minutes, drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled them with the season mix and tossed them again.  Next, I started on the sandwiches.  I heated up my grill pan on the stove and cooked the chicken breasts for 6 minutes on each side.  I turned down the heat and added the cheese on top of the chicken.  I let them cook until the cheese melted.  While the cheese was melting, I put the pretzel buns in the oven to lightly toast them.  Once the cheese melted, I removed the buns from the oven and assembled the sandwiches.  I spread some seasoned mayo on each bun, added a chicken breast, and we were ready to go.  We really liked the sandwiches.  You can't go wrong with a pretzel bun and the seasoned mayo added a little kick to the dish.  The chicken was seasoned well and cooked great on my grill pan.  We were not as impressed with the steak fries.  They needed to cook longer and maybe needed more seasoning.  We finished them, but we may not try those again.  It may be a personal preference, as we don't always love steak fries.  So far, I have enjoyed my Dream Dinners meals and the leftovers have been yummy, too.  I am looking forward to next week's meals and signing up for my next session to make more meals.