Blue Apron: Pork & Snap Pea Ramen with Marinated Cucumber

Our Blue Apron meals arrived a day later this week due to Memorial Day, so we didn't have a chance to make one until Thursday.  We selected the Pork and Snap Pea Ramen with Marinated Cucumber.  As per usual, Mike prepped all the produce while I did the mixing and cooking.  After the produce was prepped, I marinated the cucumbers in vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.  I let them marinate while working on the rest of the meal.  I heated up some salted water in a medium pot until it was boiling.  I made a sauce of miso, ponzu sauce, warm water, and gochujang, seasoning with salt and pepper.  I cooked the ginger in a non stick pan in olive oil for about a minute, adding then pork and cooking it thoroughly.  We skipped the mushrooms because we just aren't fans.  Next, I added the snap peas to the pork and cooked it for about 4 minutes.  While that was cooking, I boiled the noodles for about 3 minutes.  I saved a cup of the noodle water after draining the noodles.  Then, I added the noodles, sauce, and half the noodle water to the pork mixture.  I let it cook about 2 minutes, adding a little more water for consistency and seasoning with salt and pepper.


Finally, dinner was ready.  We served in bowls with the marinated cucumbers as garnish.  I didn't care for the cucumbers because they were way to similar to pickles, which I hate.  Otherwise, the pork ramen was good.  We did not divide the ramen in half because we felt like it made a lot of food.  We actually had some leftovers.  I am glad I had the chance to make some ramen that didn't come in a 99 cent package.  I would love to make this again or go to a ramen restaurant to try other ramen dishes.