Blue Apron: Masala Spiced Beef with Plum Rice and Lime Yogurt

Yesterday was a long hot day, which we spent out searching for a new car.  When we finally got home, I was definitely glad that we had a Blue Apron meal at home to cook because I was hot and done being out.  Mike really likes Indian food so he was definitely excited to try this meal.  Mike washed and prepped the produce while I worked on putting everything together.  Once the plum was chopped, I marinated it in a bowl with sugar and the juice of one lime wedge. I made the lime yogurt by mixing together Greek yogurt, juice of one lim wedge, salt, and pepper.  I got the rice going by putting rice, water, and salt in a pot, bringing it to a boil, and cooking it for about 14 minutes.  When the rice was done, I stirred in the marinated plum, including the juice.  While the rice was cooking, I heated oil in a pan and cooked the squash and shallot for about 3 minutes until browned.  I seasoned it with salt and pepper and cooked another 3 minutes.  After the squash was done, I put it on a plate and heated up more oil in the pan.  I added the ground beef with a little salt and pepper and cooked it until lightly browned.  Next, I added in the tomato paste and masala spice and cooked another 4 minutes.  I added water and cooked until the liquid reduced.  Finally, I added in the spinach and cooked squash, cooking until the spinach wilted.  I turned off the heat and added the rest of the lime juice.  We plated the meal by putting rice on our plates, some masala beef mixture, a spoonful of lime yogurt, and a garnish of cilantro.  This meal was delicious!  There were so many interesting flavors and there were no ingredients that I didn't like.  Mike discovered that he might really like plums and I've been learning not to judge combinations of ingredients because the end result might just be amazing.