Blue Apron: Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Summer Squash and Celery Salsa

Many of the Blue Apron meals lately have included summer squash, as it's currently in season.  For the most part, I have liked the squash recipes, but this squash was just okay.  We really liked the grilled cheese sandwiches, but the celery salsa was not good.  I would give this meal 3 stars, as part was great, another part was ok, and the third part was not our favorite.  Mike washed and prepped the produce while I gathered the ingredients and preheated the oven.  Once the oven was preheated, I roasted the squash (drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper)for about 15 minutes.  While the squash was roasting, I caramelized the onion for about 9 minutes, adding the verjus and cooking an additional 2 minutes.  Next, we made the celery salsa by combining celery, parsley, capers (which I don't like), vinegar, and garlic, along with salt and pepper.  Then, I assembled the sandwiches by dividing the onion and cheese between 2 sandwiches.  I grilled them for about 3-4 minutes on each side and sliced them in half.  We plated the sandwiches along with the squash and salsa.  These were really good grilled cheese sandwiches and the onion added something special.  I definitely would consider making a mash up of these and my Martha Stewart fancy grilled cheese sandwiches in the future.  The squash was a little bland and maybe didn't get roasted long enough or was cooled off too much by the time the sandwiches were done, so it was just okay.  The salsa had a pickle-y flavor along with a few ingredients (capers and raw celery) that I just don't care for.  Overall, I'd repeat the sandwiches and skip the sides for this dish.