You Are My Sunshine!

This Sunday, Lola was up and ready to go.  We went for our walk and she ate breakfast and I was ready for coffee.  After much deliberation, Mike and I decided to head to Morning Sunshine Breakfast Treats to get some coffee and breakfast.  We've been meaning to go, but we are really "wake up in time" for breakfast people.  Lola is working to amend that!  Morning Sunshine was located in a newer strip mall close to our house.  It had great reviews on Yelp, so we had high expectations.  Morning Sunshine had a varied menu with donuts, breakfast tacos and sandwiches, bagels, kolaches, muffins, and even a yogurt and oatmeal bar.  They also had several types of coffee with various milk and syrup options.  Amy, helped us make our breakfast decisions by recommending that we at least try the cake donuts and that made our ordering a little bit easier.  Mike got two of his favorite donuts, chocolate iced cake donuts, and a sausage kolache.  I opted for a cinnamon sugar cake donut and a chocolate iced donut with buttercream filling.  Everything was amazing!  The coffee I picked had pecan flavoring and really fixed my need for caffeine.  Mike's cake donuts tasted just like birthday cake with chocolate frosting.  My cinnamon sugar donut tasted just like a churro and there is nothing better that a donut filled with buttercream frosting rather than custard.  Mike really liked his kolache, too, and can't wait to try the breakfast tacos.  We also had a nice time chatting with Amy and discussing our love of donuts and the disappointment of many Texas donuts. (She is from Colorado.)  Mike and I have definitely found our new favorites and to give my St. Louis friends a better understanding of how great these donuts are-they are just as delicious, if not, better than my beloved Old Town Donuts.  We will be back soon for more delicious donuts, coffee, and to try more breakfast treats!