Mission for Dogs

We got home from vacation at dinner time on Saturday.  After enjoying a quick dinner, we headed home to start on laundry and try to catch up on some tv shows.  Sunday started with sleeping in, more laundry, and some light yard work.  We hadn't been to the grocery store in a while, so we were so excited to head to Whitestone for a Pints for Pups event.  Whitestone was donating $1 for every pint sold to Texas Humane Heroes.  We always support Humane Heroes, as that is where we met Lola.  The event included many of our favorite things: beer, puppies, and a new food truck!  We got our pints, said hi to various friends, and headed out to the patio.  Texas Humane Heroes had a raffle for various prizes and one pup that was available for adoption.  There were tons of pups visiting on the patio, enjoying the cooler weather.  In addition, there was a Praline table, face painting, and live music.  The featured food truck was Mission Dogs.  Mission Dogs was a hotdog cart with bacon wrapped hotdogs.  There were several variations with lots of toppings, but we opted for traditional.  We just got plain dogs with bacon.  They were fabulous!  A juicy hotdog, wrapped in crispy bacon on a toasty bun really paired well with a cool brew!  It was a really busy day at Whitestone and we had several errands to run, but it was a great stop.  Whitestone never disappoints with fun events, great beers, and awesome food!