So Long, Farewell (Vacation Day 7: May 20)

We all got up early on Saturday to get the vehicles packed up, the house cleaned up a little, and get on our way home.  We were able to enjoy one last breakfast/coffee together on the porch.  The weather was great and the views were beautiful. 


The roadtrippers left first as they needed to get a good start to avoid traffic.  Mike and I budgeted our time carefully so as we needed to drive to Charlotte and return our rental car before catching our flight.  As we packed up our car, we even had a little friend who wanted to help us! 


Everyone made it home safely without any major travel issues.  It was another fabulous family vacation in a totally new location.  Once again, we were so lucky to travel to a new place and have time to spend with each other.  Thanks Mom and Dad for another wonderful Christmas gift!