Pin a Day: French Dip Sliders

Sandwiches are one of my two favorite foods and are definitely the more socially acceptable option for a well balanced meal. (My other favorite is ice cream.)  I am always looking for new sandwich options to create.  This weekend, I got to try one when I made these French Dip Sliders.   These ended up being easy, delicious, and gave us lunches for a few days, too!  I started by buttering my 9x13 glass casserole dish and preheating the oven.  I was making tater tots, too, so I set the oven for 425 and put the tots in once the oven was preheated.  Meanwhile, I prepared the sandwiches.  I bought au jus concentrate and I heated that in a sauce pan along with water.  I sliced my Hawaiian rolls.  On each roll bottom,  I put a half slice of provolone cheese, roast beef, French's onions, another half slice of provolone cheese, and the roll top.  I put the sandwiches in the pan and poured the au jus on top.  I let the sandwiches cook about 10 minutes or until the cheese had melted. Dinner was yummy!  We enjoyed the sandwiches and tots.  This will definitely be added to our list of favorites to make again.