Incident at a Bar

On Wednesdays we play trivia at Whitestone Brewery.  It's become a family affair, as Lola loves to come and meet all the people.  It's also often a chance for us to try a new food truck.  This week was no exception to that rule, with the introduction of the brand new, Pizza Incident.  When I went to order our pizzas, she told me it was their second day open so they didn't even have the ability to take cards yet.  Fortunately, it was a rare occasion that I had some cash.  I ordered the "Cedar Park," which had chicken, onions, red peppers, and pesto.  Mike went with his favorite, pepperoni and pineapple.  Combined with some new brews from Whitestone, and we had the perfect meal.  The pizzas were cooked on a wood fire grill and they were awesome.  They had great flavor and there was a large variety of toppings available.  We placed third in trivia that night.  Afterwards, we enjoyed some beer and had a chance to chat with the owners of the Pizza Incident.  They were a really sweet couple, who were fellow dog lovers.  We look forward to seeing them again and trying more options on their delicious pizzas.