Pin a Day: Birthday Cake Balls

This week we celebrated Lola's first birthday and the anniversary of trivia at Whitestone.  I felt the perfect way to commemorate the moment was with these Birthday Cake Balls.   I don't make cake balls very often because they are a pain for what you get.  I decided to give this recipe a try because it sounded simple and they are tasty.  I started by mixing together softened butter and sugar.  To that, I added flour, cake mix, vanilla, and salt.  This made a crumbly mixture, so I added milk a tablespoon at a time.  Eventually, I had added about 4 tablespoons of milk and it was the consistency of play dough.  I added in a generous helping of sprinkles and formed the dough into balls.  This mixture made about 20 balls with my scoop.  I put them in the fridge for about 20-25 minutes to chill.


After the balls had chilled, I melted some white almond bark.  The brand I bought divided the bark into almost ice cube sized pieces.  I melted 4 cubes to start in the microwave.  I later melted 1-2 more cubes.  I dipped the balls in the melted bark using toothpicks.  After they were dipped, I placed them on the baking sheet.  I used a knife dipped in bark to cover the holes from the toothpick and then added more sprinkles.  Once they were all done, they went back into the fridge until it was time for trivia. 


They turned out beautiful and were quite the hit at trivia.  Another success in my book was that these were the least frustrating cake balls I've ever made.  I would definitely make these again and perhaps try other types of cake or melted chocolate on top.