Pin a Day: Grilled Mozzerella

We've had some really great grilled cheese at various food trucks and this week, I took the opportunity to try and make our own gourmet grilled cheese.  I figured I couldn't go wrong if I was armed with Martha's recipe for Grilled Mozzerella.   I bought some yummy sourdough bread and some fresh mozzerella and we were good to go.  I made half the recipe because we really only needed two sandwiches, instead of four.  I started by placing mozzerella on two slices of bread.  Next, I put the bread on top making a sandwich.  I made a mixture of heavy cream, nutmeg, thyme, and an egg.  I heated up some olive oil in a large skillet and then added a little bit of butter.  Once my skillet was sizzling, I dipped my sandwiches in the egg mixture and added them to the skillet.  The idea seamed to be half grilled cheese and half savory French toast.  I cooked the sandwiches for about 2 minutes on each side and we were ready to eat.  Normally, I like grilled cheese with soup, but it was a warm day so we had salad instead.  The results were great.  The sandwiches had a savory, crisp outside and a creamy, gooey center.  With Lent here, this will likely be a recipe we repeat often in the near future.