Pin a Day: Chicken Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Meal

This Saturday we had a lazy day.    Neither of us was feeling 100% and the weather was a little cool and cloudy.  Fortunately, I had over planned food for the week, and had the ingredients to try a new meal.  So, we tried Chicken Bacon Ranch Slow Cooker Meal.    This meal sounded easy and was full of ingredients that we love.  I started by putting a chopped onion in the slow cooker.  On top of that I added my chicken breasts.  Next, I added chopped up bacon, garlic, 2 cans of cream of chicken soup, and a packet of ranch dip.  I stirred everything until it was well combined.  I put my lid on the slow cooker and set my timer for 4 hours on high temperature.  I normally prefer to cook on low, but I got a late start on the meal.  With a half hour left, I started some water to boil and make some rice.  I pulled the chicken out of the crockpot and shredded it using my beast claws.  I put the chicken and sour cream back into the slow cooker and stirred well.  I allowed the chicken to cook on low while I was cooking the rice.  


The results were fabulous!  We had a warm, creamy chicken dish that tasted great on top of rice.  This is a great cooler weather meal and would taste great with broccoli or green beans as a side dish.  It made a great leftover and would be tasty as a wrap, too.