Dream Dinners: Outlaw Chicken Sliders with Mac and Cheese Wedges

On Wednesday, we were heading to Whitestone for a Turkey Testicle Festival, but we knew we were eating at home first.  I had defrosted another great Dream Dinners meal that I was able to cook and assemble while Mike and Lola went for a quick walk.  I preheated my oven to 400 and got my pans ready.  On one pan, I placed the chicken pieces and the mac and cheese wedges went on the other pan.  I baked everything for about 15 minutes.  Next, I pulled everything out and put together the sliders with a bun, a piece of chicken, Swiss cheese, and french fried onions.  They went into the broiler for about 2 minutes until the cheese had melted.  We topped the sliders with some smoky chipotle sauce and we were ready to eat.  We were really impressed with the mac and cheese wedges this time.  They were cooked through and crispy-much better than a previous attempt.  The sliders were good, too.  I loved the addition of the crunchy onions and the chipotle sauce added a nice bit of spice.  This was a perfect meal for our on the go lifestyle that we seem to be having lately.