Blue Apron: Korean Beef Steam Buns with Sweet Potato Tempura and Spicy Mayonnaise

Last night, I made Blue Apron Meal #2.  We could tell that this meal was going to be difficult and time consuming so we saved it for a night when we’d have plenty of time.  Mike was so helpful and took care of chopping the vegetables.  While he cut the veggies, I made the spicy mayonnaise with mayo and gochujang.  Next, I mixed together the tempura mix and cold water and coated the sweet potatoes in the mixture.  I heated up oil in a skillet and  fried the potatoes for a few minutes on each side in batches, draining the oil and seasoning as I went.  Unfortunately, my oil got really hot and I lost a few potatoes to overcooking.  In a separate pot, I steamed the buns over boiling water in small batches.  Once the potatoes were done, I started cooking the beef, which I had seasoned with salt and pepper.  After the meat cooked for a few minutes,  I added scallions, ginger, and black bean sauce.  I cooked this mixture until the beef was cooked through.  Finally, we were ready for assembly.  Each bun got a spread of spicy mayo, some radish slices, and the beef mixture.  We plated with some of the sweet potato tempura and garnished with scallions.  This meal was a pain to make, but it was also really delicious.  The tempura was crispy, salty, and one of the best ways I’ve ever tried sweet potatoes.  The beef was cooked well and paired nicely with the spicy mayo and crisp radishes on the soft buns.  It was nice to see how these were made, but I will definitely stick to ordering these in the future.