BBQ Fit for Queen

Once again, we've been introduced to some fabulous new food, thanks to our beloved Whitestone Brewery.  At the Pub Club Party before we left for St. Louis, we had the chance to try Bohemian BBQ.  There was a sampling of food for the Pub Club members and the day we came back to town, they were at Whitestone again.  Now that we've had two chances to check them out, its time to talk about how fabulous the food is.  At the Pub Club party, the menu consisted of ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket Mac and cheese, and queso with brisket.  The food was delicious.  I'm not normally a ribs person, unless they are made by my dad, but these were pretty good.  Texas BBQ is not known for sauce and these ribs tasted great without sauce.  The meat was tender and easy to eat.  The pulled pork had great flavor and wasn't dry.   I think my favorite thing was the brisket Mac and cheese.  The delicious brisket combined with yummy mac and cheese was so tasty.  Finally, the queso with brisket was a little bit of a let down because it needed a little bit more brisket.  We were pleased with the food, but we knew it was a special menu for the party, so we knew we had to try it again.

The day we came home from St. Louis, we were craving some Texas BBQ and we had no food in the house.  Facebook told me that Bohemian BBQ had their truck at Whitestone again, so I knew it was meant to be.  We literally dropped off our bags, picked up a grocery list, and headed to Whitestone for some brews and 'cue.  I decided to give the brisket nachos a chance.  I was hoping that they would be better than the queso at the party.  I was correct.  These nachos were covered with a great ratio of nacho cheese and tender, smoky brisket.  Mike opted for some sort of BBQ Frito pie and he loved it, too.  We were definitely pleased with our choice that night and look forward to trying more food from Bohemian BBQ next time they are at Whitestone.