Pin a Day: Torchy's Street Corn

On Tuesday, I finally made a dish that I've been meaning to make for a long time.  The stars all aligned and I was able to make Torchy's Street Corn.  For my non Texan friends and family, Torchy's is a chain started in Austin that makes some of the best and most unique tacos around.  They also have clever names like Trailer Park, Democrat, Republican, etc.  We also stumbled across the fact that they have a delicious side dish called street corn.  It has the vibe of creamed corn with a little bit of a kick to it.  I always wondered what I was eating and finally got a chance to figure it out.  I started by cleaning 4 ears of corn and then grilling them on my grill pan.  It was fun to hear the corn sizzle and pop as I browned it on each side.  I cooked it about 2-3 minutes at a time before switching sides and did each side a few times to get it to brown.  I set the corn aside to cool a little bit and searched for my handy dandy corn stripper.    I used the corn stripper to shave the corn from the cob and added it to a bowl with queso fresco.  I added in some mayo and smoked paprika and mixed it up.  I finished making my tacos and anticipated trying the corn.


The results were great!  It had a creamy, smoky vibe to it.  It was a great copycat recipe of the Torchy's street corn.  The only thing that would make it complete would be a copycat of the Trailer Park, trashy style, of course.