Pin a Day: Thai Basil Fried Rice

Our family loves Asian cusine, whether I am cooking it or going out to eat.  It can be healthy, it's filling,  and often times a recipe makes plenty of leftovers.  This recipe for Thai Basil Fried Rice fit those categories.   I started by making the rice ahead of time.  The recipe said you could make it a few days in advance, but I don't think that far in the future.  I made mine after lunch and let it cool until dinner.  I started by making the sauce by whisking together fish sauce, oyster sauce, and sugar.  Next, I heated up my handy dandy Le Creuset braiser with some oil and cooked my onion, jalapeño and garlic until tender and aromatic.  I added in my chicken and sauce and cooked until the chicken was cooked through out.  Finally, I added in the basil and rice and cooked until the basil was wilted and the rice was warm.  We tried it without adding anything and the base flavor was excellent.  It was a solid Asian dish, but it was definitely a level 0 spicy.  Mike added chili paste to his second helping and found it to be the correct level of spice.  When I had leftovers, I added the chili paste and a little bit of the spicy Asian mustard and it was perfect for me.  Not only was this great that Friday for dinner, but it definitely provided us several lunches as well.  This was one leftover that did not have to get pitched.  We ate it all!  This is a dish I will definitely be making again and possibly soon.