Pin a Day: S'Mores Cookie Bars (One of the Best Things I've Ever Made)

Do you guys want s'more?  The answer for me is yes!  I say this as I drink my s'mores coffee.   Saturday, before I went in to work, I made these tasty S'Mores Cookie Bars for my coworkers.  I got up early to make sure I had plenty of time to cook and cool these before I left.   First, I preheated the oven and prepared my pan.  I smashed my graham cracker and melted the butter. I felt like there wasn't enough crust so I ended up doubling the recipe.  Next, I made the cookie mixture.  I started by creaming together the butter and sugars.  Then, I added in the egg and vanilla.  I mixed the dry ingredients and then added them in.  Finally, I stirred in the chocolate chips and marshmallows.  I spread the cookie mixture on top of the crust and popped it in the oven for 10 minutes.  I broke up a Hershey's bar and put it in the freezer to chill.  After 10 minutes, I put more marshmallows on top and cooked it for another 12 minutes.  Once it had finished cooking, I added the Hershey bar pieces.  I had to leave around 12:15, so when I ate lunch, I cut up the very messy bars and transferred them to my signature carrier with the pink lid.  When I got to work, I made sure to label that they were messy.  I knew that Mike liked them, but I wasn't sure about the rest of my audience.  Have no fear, lunch was soon for some of my coworkers and they kept popping out on the floor to tell me how bad I was and how amazing the cookie bars were.   By the end of our very busy evening, there were only a few crumbs left- a first for this crowd.  This recipe was obviously a surprise hit and has already been requested again.