A Slice of Italy

On Saturday, we got a late start on our day and headed out to Wolf Ranch for some shopping and dinner.  I did not have a very successful shopping trip.  I had things in mind to buy, but they may not exist.  Fortunately, dinner turned out way better than shopping.  After taking a bit to debate the various places in Wolf Ranch, we narrowed it down to Milano Trattoria Pizza and Pasta.   I had been wanting some good Italian food, which is pretty hard to come by in Austin.  It was really cute on the inside and reminded us a little bit of the first Italian place we'd visited in Georgetown, Paisanos.  After getting a little advice from our waitress, I opted for the Fettucine Ragu and Mike got a pepperoni pizza.  My pasta had Italian sausage, onions, delicious red sauce, and plenty of parmesan cheese.  It had great flavor and after my side salad, there was definitely plenty to bring some home as leftovers.  Mike's pizza was yummy, too and he must have really enjoyed it because he had no leftovers.


The food was great, the atmosphere was cute, and the service was nice, too.  We will likely be returning to Milano Trattoria next time we are in the mood for some tasty Italian food.