Pin a Day: Funfetti Blondies

This weekend I attended a Glitter and Wine party with some friends and knew I needed a sweet treat.  I opted for these Funfetti Blondies because sprinkles are the baking version of glitter.  The recipe was pretty easy and very similar to other Blondies I've made in the past.  The first step was to line my 9x13 pan with Golden Oreos.  Next, I mixed up a rich batter of eggs, butter, sugars, vanilla, flour, sprinkles, and white chocolate chips.  Finally, I topped it off with crushed Golden Oreos and more sprinkles.  I baked it for about 25 minutes and then let it cool overnight.  I cut through the thick layers the next day and it was ready to serve.  They were delicious, but very rich.   They are definitely the type of treat you can only eat in small doses.  We had a great time and the Blondies were a great treat to share at work and at home.