Big Cat Country

When a new BBQ place opens by your home, it's cause for celebration.  It's even better when it's open on Labor Day, so you can get your BBQ fix.  Big Cat BBQ opened close to us in Cedar Park at the end of August and we've been wanting to try it out.  I didn't have to go into work until later on Labor Day, so we decided to try it out.  It was the first Monday they were open, so it really wasn't crowded at all.  Since it was our main meal of the day and we were new to the place, we each got the two meal plate so we could sample just about everything.  I picked the turkey, pulled pork, potato salad, and coleslaw.  Mike ordered brisket, jalapeƱo cheese sausage, green beans, and macaroni.  All of the employees and the owner were incredibly nice as they helped us get our food.  We even spoke to the owner about possibly getting our Thanksgiving turkey from them.  All the food was amazing!  All the meat was cooked to perfection.  The turkey was juicy and was definitely worthy of being our Thanksgiving bird.  The pork was well seasoned and would be great on a sandwich. The sausage was so good with jalapeƱos and super cheesy.  The brisket had great flavor, but was a littl fattier than we prefer.  All the sides were delightful, but the green beans the best.  They had so much flavor.  I had to sneak several off Mike's plate.  We were stuffed after this meal and were totally happy with our decision.  This will definitely be our go to Cedar Park BBQ stop.