Pin a Day: Skinny Bruschetta Chicken


I'm always looking for a new recipe that is both healthy and flavorful.  This week's Skinny Bruschetta Chicken was definitely both.   I baked my chicken at 375 for about 20 minutes after I seasoned it and added some chicken broth to the pan.  Meanwhile, I cooked some pasta, made some salad and made the bruschetta topping.  I chopped up several small tomatoes, half a red onion, a handful of basil, and a clove of garlic.  To that I added some olive oil, sea salt, and balsamic vinegar.  I went rogue and didn't measure the ingredients, but instead eye balled it.  When the chicken was done, I served both the chicken and pasta with the bruschetta topping.  It was really yummy and light.  My only regret was that I used thin chicken breasts that got a little overcooked.  Otherwise, this is a perfect summer time dish.  This would also work great with grilled chicken or topping a baked potato.  I have a feeling we will make this several times this summer.