Pin a Day: Creamy Garlic Chicken


It's summer time, and I'm looking forward to a summer full of new recipes and new restaurants.  I have Pinterest boards chock full of recipes to try and a list of all the restaurants I want to visit.  So far, this week I have tried two new recipes and hope to try at least 1-2 new restaurants this weekend.  For our first new dining experience, I made this Creamy Garlic Chicken.   This recipe was okay, but not a favorite.  I started off by browning the chicken thighs.  I used boneless and skinless thighs to make things easier to cook.  I think the fact that it used thighs may have been the reason Mike didn't care for it, as he prefers lighter meat.  Next, I browned the garlic and created the sauce.  I added the chicken back in and cooked it a little bit longer as the sauce thickened up.  I served it with noodles and salad.  It had a nice, rich flavor, but just wasn't one of our favorites.  If you like chicken thighs or garlic, this may be the recipe for you.