Pin a Day: Taco Pasta

For Cinco de Mayo, I didn't have anything authentic planned,  so I tried Taco Pasta.   This recipe was great because it was tasty and made tons of leftovers.  I started by making the pasta.  I used macaroni this time, but you could use any type of pasta.  Meanwhile, I cooked the meat (ground turkey) and then added taco seasoning, garlic, and salsa.  In a separate sauce pan, I made the cheese sauce using skim milk, 2% cheese, and low fat sour cream to make things a little healthier.  Then, I mixed it all together.  The overall result was delicious and much tastier than a prepackaged taco pasta dinner.  This also was a healthier version of a taco pasta bake that I used to make, so we were very happy with it.  It was quick and easy and it will definitely be on our menu again.