Pin a Day: Malibu Chicken

After being on vacation for a week, eating out all the time, and gaining about 5 pounds, it was time to get back to eating a bit healthier.  On Friday, I tried a new recipe, Malibu Chicken.   I liked that it was something fairly easy to make and once i figured out the recipe, it honestly was pretty quick to make.  I was smart and bought chicken breasts that were already split, so I could skip the step of cutting them up.  Prep wise, the thing that took the longest was grating my Parmesan cheese because my grater really needed a good cleaning.  I set up bowls with eggs and a second bowl with the cheese and panko crumb mixture.  I gave each chicken piece a healthy dip in the egg and then in the crumb mixture, making sure that they were coated well.  I put them in the oven for 30 minutes on 350.  While they were cooking, I made a salad and cooked some rice for a side dish.  After 30 minutes, I pulled out my chicken and added a piece of deli ham and swiss cheese to each one.  I cooked the chicken another 5 minutes.  Meanwhile, I made the sauce for the chicken.  I used mayonnaise, dijon mustard, and I substitued honey mustard for the yellow mustard and honey.  Once everything was done, I was ready to serve and eat.  It was really good.  The split chicken breasts cooked great and I didn't have to worry if they were done.  I liked the combination of the chicken and the tangy sauce, which was also great with the rice.  This chicken was very similar to chicken cordon bleu and is definitely a recipe we will be making again.