On Wednesdays, Mike goes to work, so making dinner can be a challenge after the lon( commute.  This week, we needed to head to the grocery store as well.  We stopped by a place called Elevation Burgers.  They prided themselves in having grass fed, organic beef and fries cooked in olive oil.  They also had shakes and cookies for dessert.  The basic burger had two parties on it and was quite large.  We commented that next time, we'd be good with single patty burgers.  The cheddar cheese on the burgers was delicious and the burgers were nice and juicy.  The fries were crisp and had great flavor.  Mike got a chocolate malt and it was divine, too.  It was made with real ice cream and was very thick.  It may not have been the most healthy or fancy meal ever, but it definitely hit the spot and prevented us from buying way too many groceries.