Pin a Day: Chicken Enchilada Pasta

This week I ended my 8 month sabbatical from working and while I was tired after going back to a semi-routine, I still managed to find some time to try a few new recipes.  On Tuesday, I made Chicken Enchilada Pasta.  I liked that it was pretty easy to make, made plenty of leftovers, and had great flavor.  I also got to put my beautiful cast iron to good use.  I started by boiling water for my noodles, cooking chicken and having my sous chef chop onions and peppers.  I had more chicken than I needed so Cecil definitely benefited with chicken all week.  I cooked my noodles while preparing my sauce.  My braiser was definitely full by the time I finished adding everything.  Cast iron retains heat so by the time I was to add the sour cream, I turned off the heat and gently stirred in the sour cream, to avoid curdling.  The final step was to gently pour the sauce on the noodles, which I did with very little mess.  We enjoyed ours as is, but you could definitely add a dollop of sour cream or chopped olives to garnish it.  We enjoyed it several nights and days as leftovers and will likely make this again when we need more leftovers.