Pin a Day: Garlic Ranch Chicken Pizza

This weekend we tried a yummy new recipe.  We typically go out to eat on Saturdays, but we wanted to be home to watch the baseball game, so I cooked.  The recipe I made was Garlic Ranch Chicken Pizza.  This turned out pretty good.  I broke it down in a few steps while I was making the recipe.  I cooked the chicken on my stovetop while the oven was preheating and microwaved my bacon. While the chicken was cooking, I cut up some cherry tomatoes and mixed the garlic ranch sauce.  Once the oven was preheated, I prebaked the crust for about 5 minutes, pulled it out and assembled my pizza.  While the pizza cooked, I made a quick salad to complete the meal.  The pizza was yummy.  The garlic ranch sauce was great and you can't go wrong with chicken, bacon, and cheese.  My only complaint was that the crust wasn't crispy enough and I think I just needed to cook it at a higher temperature.  This recipe was definitely worth trying and will be one we eat again.